Things To Do In Ibiza

Ibiza is an island filled with sights which simply take a person’s breath away. With places which have been registered as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO, it is ensured that Ibiza’s natural beauty won’t be harmed by urbanization. Hence, for the nature lovers, Ibiza is heaven on earth. For those who seek to avoid parties and clubs, Cala Gracio is the perfect spot. With those white beaches, tranquil waters and long, swaying trees, Cala Gracio is a place where most families love to go and relax thoroughly, away from the hustle and bustle.

Secret Beaches of Ibiza Cala Gracio
Secret Beaches of Ibiza Cala Gracio

Apart from the mesmerizing aesthetic beauty, Ibiza holds attractions which hold great historical value. The Egg, is a statue made as a tribute to Christopher Columbus, who was born near the island. The statue is made to commemorate the occasion at which Columbus made an egg stand upright by cracking its base- a feat which most people considered to be impossible. Another magnificent site is the Es Vedra Rock, high above the sea, which many people believe is the summit of the lost city of Atlantis. Thus, Ibiza holds delights for historians too.

Approaching Es Vedra By Boat
Approaching Es Vedra By Boat 2014

Reading all of this, most party-goers would be quite disappointed. There is no need for that, as Ibiza is, and always will remain the ultimate party destination. At night, the town comes to life- the sounds of music and crowds can be heard from the clubs and beaches as people dance their worries away! People come from all over the world just to get a taste of the clubbing here in Ibiza, and most of them are blown away. World-renowned DJs are present in the clubs and beaches, providing you with the very best in dance music. Each club has its own distinctive features and the experience

is sure to enthrall you! For those who want a bit of sophistication, head over to San Antonio- you will not be let down.

It is evident that Ibiza holds treats for everyone who wanders her way- it has developed magnificently into a town which holds attractions for everyone, a perfect blend of parties, enjoyment and relaxation all at the same time.