5. Es Vedra

Approaching Es Vedra By Boat
Approaching Es Vedra By Boat 2014

This small and rocky island is largely uninhabited apart from a few wild goats, a colony of the endangered Eleanora’s falcon along with a number of species of the Ibizan wall lizard. Es Vedra soars 400 metres above sea level and situated 2-3km off the western coast line of Ibiza.
The Carmelite priest Don Francisco Palau founded the convent at Es Cubells and meticulously recorded mystical revelations along with alledged meetings with ‘unearthly beings surrounded by light’ whilst meditating on Es Vedra. Apparently gigantic circles of light up to 50 metres diameter emerged from the sea and is said to discourage fishermen from this area. Apparently the strong magnetic force is said to emanate from Es Vedra and which is responsible attracting unexplained phenomena making the island the third most magnetic spot on the planet after the NORTH POLE & BERMUDA TRIANGLE. This mysterious rock is considered to have positive healing and creativity energy and emits magnetic energy similar to those of Stonehenge, Easter Islands and the Egyptian pyramids. Many locals often make the trip to undertake meditation and other spiritual activities.