12. Es Palmador

S'espalmador North of Formentera
S’espalmador North of Formentera

Espalmador is a privately owned island which is just north of the island of Formentera. The island boasts white beaches, natural coves, and sulphurous mud baths and can definitely be called an unspoiled paradise. The island has the old remains of an old defence tower that was used as a look post to spot Barbary pirates. The island is famous for its mud and one of the delights on Espalmador is mud bathing. In the middle of this tranquil island is a natural mud bath that is easy to find.

Undoubtedly the best beach on Espalmador island is Platja de S’Alga and it is here that you will find the highest concentration of naturists. It has shallow warm waters and pristine white beaches that bring boat loads of day trippers from the main island of Ibiza. If visting the island it is worth taking a look at the coves of Cala de Bocs and sa Torreta beach in the north-west of Es Palmador. There are no buildings on the island and you may well believe for a few seconds that you are visiting another planet. Definitely one of the most remote and indeed relaxing spots on the planet that you are ever going to visit.