11. Ibiza Bars

Ibiza Bars Bora Bora
Ibiza Bars Bora Bora

If we are talking legendary bars then Bora Bora in Playa Den Bossa is certainly up there with the best. On my first visit to Bora Bora in 2002 it was the go to beach bar for people staying over in San Antonio. If Bora Bora takes top spot for being an Ibiza icon then Rooftop Nine in San Antonio and opened in 2016 is certainly a worthy competitor although being a new kid on the block. As the name suggests the venue is on top of a hotel but actually on floor five. I listed 10 amazing and pretty unknown (by the masses) bars scattered across Island – they are as follows:

The Ninth
La Bodega
Hidden Bar
Amante (Primarily a Restaurant with after party)
Teatro Pereyra