9. Scuba Diving

Ibiza Scuba Diving
Ibiza Scuba Diving

Just off the Western coast of Ibiza lies a network of 15 islands that make up the Cala d’Hort Marine Nature Reserve. It is here that some of the best driving can be found anywhere in the Med.

Just a few minutes away from the Port of Ibiza is the Don Pedro shipwreck which is lying on its side 26m below the surface. In 2007 the Don Pedro became the Mediterranean’s largest shipwreck when it unfortunately sank.

La Plataforma or Fish Factory (Formentera) is a sunken fish factory with a maximum depth of 33m. It is quite common to be accompanied on the journey across from Ibiza by Dolphins which make the dive even more magical.

The Lighthouse a it is known is located on the East coast of Ibiza with a 5 minute ride from Cala Martina in the Santa Eulalia Reef. This dive is surrounded by depths of 30m and has three unique dives at the site.

The Cave of Light is situated on the north coast of Ibiza and nestled in between San Antonio and Portinatx and the locals call it La Cueva de La Luz.