Villas For Sale In Ibiza

Ibiza is the heart and soul of the Mediterranean. A town which has been a favourite for clubbers and party lovers since decades, is now also a favourite for many families due to surreal sight-seeing locations, sandy beaches and new hotels and resorts. Hence, the number of people pouring in from all over the world is increasing readily and Ibiza caters to them magnificently.

For any town or city which holds attractions for tourists, one thing is a prerequisite: furnished and comfortable accommodations. Ibiza is home to luxurious villas which are a treat to live in. The villas, with their large bedrooms, fully furnished lounges and with a view of the vast sandy beaches or the aesthetic beauty of the town, make sure that your stay in Ibiza is an experience you will cherish forever.

What makes these villas so special? A quick overview of their one-of-a-kind features will show you just what sets these villas apart. Firstly, there is a range of villas to choose from. For the people who prefer places steeped with history, the historic villas are the place to go! Some of these are at least two centuries old, and have been artistically blended with a modern touch. This fusion creates an atmosphere which you are unlikely to find in any other place. On the other hand, many couples prefer smaller, one bedroom villas, set in serene locations to enjoy their vacation in peace.

Then arises the question as to what exactly do these villas have inside them? All villas, from single bedroom ones to five bedroom ones, have spacious, lush bedrooms with king-size beds. Television lounges, neat kitchens, dining tables and terraces which show breath-taking sights of the towns make these villas a perfect place to spend your holiday in. The best villas even have Jacuzzi bathrooms, lush green gardens and swimming pools- everything you need for your dream vacation is right here!

The main question: Can people afford these villas easily? By going through the features, it is evident that Ibiza villas cannot come that cheap! In fact, they are some of the most expensive villas present in the Mediterranean. On average, a one week stay in the most lavish Ibiza villa will cost a person nearly 1000 sterling pounds. One thing, however, is sure: if you have got the money, the stay in these villas is definitely worth every pound spent. From July to August, when Ibiza is flooded with tourists, the prices can rise even further, so checking and researching about them beforehand is a good idea.

Last, but not the least, where exactly are these villas situated?  To be short and concise, they are located in the most beautiful sites found in Ibiza. Villas in the village of San Carlos are a favourite of many tourists due to the clubs and cafés found there. If you want to stay away from pubs and the likes, then the villas found near the beaches are the ones you should choose. Truly, the most magnificent of Ibiza villas are situated near the beach of Playa d’en Bossa, which is a treat for families as it comes with water sports facilities. You can also feel closer to nature by choosing villas such as the ones in Polis, northwest Cyprus.