Ibiza Hotels

What is the enchanting town of Ibiza best known for? Undoubtedly, its parties and clubbing- at night the city comes to life. Also, its breath-taking natural beauty and places steeped with the country’s history are attracting more and more tourists towards itself. With the increase in tourists, the building of new and luxurious hotels is a must. Hence, Ibiza now has over sixty-seven hotels, each one of them unique in its own essence- and each one of them fulfilling the requirements you need for a relaxing holiday!

The number of hotels in Ibiza ensures that various budgets and tastes are met. From the lush five-star hotel like Gran Hotel (complete with a Spa and Wellness centre) to the Agroturismos, or boutique hotels- truly heaven made on earth for nature lovers.

Indeed the Agroturismos have gained such popularity due to their scenic beauty that couples book them regularly to organize their wedding parties! The full details of these fascinating hotels can be found easily on the Internet; just reading about the delightful hotels in Can Marti and Can Lluc is guaranteed to take your breath away!

Many tourists are keen to know more about what the five-star and four-star hotels have to offer. In one word: everything. Anyone who just gazes at Hotel Royal Plaza can fully realize that something which looks so grand from the outside will contain wonders inside. That is perfectly true. They provide you with all that you need, from 24 hour reception to an outdoor pool with Solarium! And people, without a second thought, book rooms in the Argos Hotel because the view it provides of the Talamanca Beach is surreal.

Ibiza Hotels

Then there are hotels like The One Hotel, for all those who wish to afford a place with basic comforts and quality service. Being a three star hotel, it is well within the reach of many people, and its offers also impress tourists from all over the world.

Another hotel which has gained immense popularity is the Hotel Es Vive, considered as Ibiza’s hottest hotel. Situated amidst palm trees, having a reputed restaurant which serves scrumptious Mediterranean dishes, free Wifi services and of course the Chic Experience Bar, in which a person can dance the night away- This hotel truly contains the essence of Ibiza!

As for the resorts found on Playa d’en Bossa, Talamanca, San Antonio and Santa Eularia, they are usually jam-packed during the holiday season due to their cheap rates. As tourists continue to flood in Ibiza, it is a wise choice to have an advanced booking if you want to visit this amazing town. Some hotels close in winters, so researching thoroughly before booking is also a smart decision.

A person can easily find out about these hotels: Their rates, capacity, features and location, just by surfing through the Internet for a bit! The people of Ibiza have constructed amazing websites, complete with photos and videos, to help make your choice easy.

A hand picked Ibiza hotel will ensure that your trip to Ibiza turns into the best holiday of your life!