After many trips to Ibiza and a love for the island, I decided to setup SimplyIbiza.com primarily as a hobby in 2007.

On my first ever visit to Ibiza, my most vivid memory was the sight leaving the airport of the advertising boards covered with with large posters of the world’s top DJ’s and super clubs.

I touched ground and fell in love with energy, the vibe. It’s not something that I can define or analyze. Some people call me me mad but I guess that is the way it goes. The island that welcomes hippies, the jet set celebs, local farmers and of course the summer tourists.  Ibiza is known worldwide for its decadence — but it has more to offer than that a lot of retreats and all spiritual stuff.

On subsequent visits Ibiza seemed to hold more for me than simply the bars and clubs which Ibiza has become so famous for. I could never really put my finger on it why the white isle seemed to have more of a spiritual feel to it than any other place I had previously visited. I was interested why the island always had such a rich hippy culture, with Pacha night club not opening until 1973.

“I have now found out the reason why”