35 Reasons For Moving To Ibiza

1. It has 300 days of sun.

2. The Ibiza winter does not feel like winter at all – warm in the day but nice and cool in the evenings.

3. Ibiza is the home of people from all over the world.

4. It is a great island to meet new people.

5. One of the only places in the world where age does not matter.

6. Nobody will judge you.

7. Ibiza will show you an alternative direction in life you possibly never considered.

8. if you are spiritual the island has it own unique energy.

9. The sunsets are world famous especially in winter.

10. You can eat in a different restaurant each day in summer.

11. You can make friendships for life.

12. The sea is warm even in October.

13. In winter you could have a beach all to yourself.

14. When the tourists leave You can discover parts of the island you never knew existed.

15. Should you decide to live on Ibiza You will be the envy of most of the people you talk to.

16. You will be the coolest person at any social occassion when you visit home.

17. Learn to take a siesta every day because between 14.00 and 17.00 that is what the locals do.

18. You can go to the beach anytime you feel like it.

19. You will soon learn to go with the flow.

20. There is nearly always a great event or party that you will be invited to.

21. A winter in Ibiza will give the term winter a new meaning..

22. The connection with your family and friends abroad will be stronger.

23. You will certainly be more popular with your friends back home.

24. Networking opportunities on the island is a real bonus.

25. Pets are a huge part of the Ibiza community.

26. You only will need a few winter clothes for three months of the year.

27. You will experience the island’s laid back mentality.

28. You will discover Ibicenco food that might sound strange, but is actually delicious and the wine.

29. The beach is always just a few minutes away.

30. You can go on a boat more than you ever dreamt about.

31. You learn to appreciate that everything will come in good time.

32. You will become a different and often a better person.

33. The chance of meeting a famous person is highly likely in the summer.

34. Find out that house music is not the only music that exists – although it does dominate.

35. Where else on the planet do you see billboards of the best DJ’s in the world as you head out of the airport.